Shepherding Our Flock

The call to shepherd the Lord's people is one of great honor and responsibility. Our Shepherds at the North Bay church of Christ love their flock and seek to know and meet the needs of this loving and grace filled family of faith.

Roger Bennett

John King

Charles Petty

Ministering to Our Hearts

The call to ministry is one of great joy and self-sacrifice. Our staff at the North Bay church of Christ work diligently to admonish and equip the saints for service in the Kingdom.

To Be Determined...

Senior Minister
Our church family is currently on the search for the next man of faith that God has chosen for us. The job position of Senior Minister is currently open, but we know the man for the job has already been hand selected for us by God, all we have to do is find him and his family.

Brianna King

Many at North Bay have known Brianna since she was young child attending with her family. After moving back to the area at just the right time, she has stepped up to the plate as our secretary to ensure the daily tasks and duties of a church family get done. 

Sunshine Kids - Mother's Day Out

Our Mother's Day Out program is one of greatest joys at the North Bay church of Christ and we are so thankful to the ones that serve on our staff, making it a wonderful ministry young families in our community.

Audrey Baker

Audrey is a young and energetic college student majoring in education. We are blessed to have Audrey leading and guiding this ministry program.  

Meet the Teachers.

Debbie Glasson

Bumblebee Class

Jeanne King

Starfish Class
with Amanda Lawson

Priscilla Carrion

Firefly Class
with Crystal Compton-Glover

Ministry Coordinators


Worship Coordinator
Trisha Meyer
Children/Family Coordinator
Benevolence Coordinator

Craig Lee

Security Coordinator

Bobby Tidwell
Facility Coordinator
Sunshine Kids Staff
Resource Room Coordinator

Connor Reed

Sound and Media Coordinator

The King Family
Events Coordinator
James Raney
Kitchen Readiness Coordinator

Connor Reed & Audrey Fitzgerald

Teens Coordinators 

Kaylyn Edelen
Marketing Coordinator
Del Lockhart
Wellness Coordinator