Shepherding Our Flock

To answer the call to shepherd the Lord's cherished flock is to embrace an esteemed privilege intertwined with profound responsibility. Within the nurturing embrace of the North Bay church of Christ, our dedicated Shepherds approach their sacred duty with fervent devotion and unwavering love. With tender care and deep empathy, they diligently seek to intimately understand and compassionately address the needs of this beloved family of faith, infused with the boundless grace and love of our divine Creator. 

Roger Bennett

John King

Charles Petty

Ministering to Our Hearts

The divine summons to ministry is a radiant tapestry woven with threads of jubilation and profound selflessness. Within the halls of the North Bay Church of Christ, our devoted staff ardently dedicate themselves to the sacred task of nurturing and empowering the faithful for their noble service in the Kingdom of God. With fervent zeal and unwavering commitment, they labor tirelessly to exhort and fortify the saints, instilling within them a steadfast resolve to illuminate the world with the transformative light of Christ's love and grace. 

Tyler Lewis

Senior Minister
Tyler became a minister because he loves to talk about Jesus, and he wants everybody to know and love the God who knows and loves them. He and his family--wife, Beth; Elizabeth (7); and Dmitri (3)--are so excited to be in Portland where they get to experience and participate in what God is doing in this area. They love spending time with other people, and you can find them at home playing games with each other or preparing to go to the beach. Tyler is greatly looking forward to walking together with the North Bay congregation in the midst of preparing sermons and classes, visiting with members, and hanging out for conversations or games. Give him a call, send a text, or drop by the office to find out more about the guy who is trying to be like Jesus in the midst of a messy world.

Brianna King

Meet Brianna King, the heart and soul behind the administrative workings of our church family as our dedicated secretary. Having been nurtured within the close-knit embrace of the North Bay church community since childhood, Brianna's roots run deep within our congregation. Her love of her cats and her green thumb mirrors her love for life's simple joys, while her avid exploration of books and history enriches her vibrant spirit. With her warm smile and unwavering commitment, Brianna is an integral part of our church family, infusing every task with grace and dedication. 

Sunshine Kids - Mother's Day Out

The Mother's Day Out program at the North Bay church of Christ is a radiant beacon of joy, offering heartfelt gratitude to the compassionate souls who serve on our staff. Their unwavering dedication transforms this program into a cherished ministry for the vibrant young families in our community, radiating warmth and love with every interaction. We are profoundly grateful for their tireless efforts, which infuse this program with boundless compassion and create a nurturing haven for our community's children. 

Jeanne King

 Jeanne has been married 32 years and has two daughters. She served in the US Coast Guard during 9/11 here in Corpus Christi. After her military career, she homeschooled her youngest daughter and taught high school marine biology at a homeschool co-op. Her favorite role, besides wife and mother, is now JeJe to her first grandson.

Meet the Teachers.

Debbie Glasson

Bumblebee Class

Maleena Minkler

Starfish Class

Cindi Ray

Firefly Class

Ministry Coordinators

Connor Reed

Worship Coordinator
Children/Family Coordinator
Benevolence Coordinator

Craig Lee

Security Coordinator

Bobby Tidwell
Facility Coordinator
Sunshine Kids Staff
Resource Room Coordinator

Connor Reed

Sound and Media Coordinator

The King Family
Events Coordinator
James Raney
Kitchen Readiness Coordinator


Teens Coordinators 

Kaylyn Edelen
Marketing Coordinator
Del Lockhart
Wellness Coordinator