Shepherding Our Flock

The call to shepherd the Lord's people is one of great honor and responsibility. Our Shepherds at the North Bay church of Christ love their flock and seek to know and meet the needs of this loving and grace filled family of faith.

Roger Bennett

John King

Charles Petty

Ministering to Our Hearts

The call to ministry is one of great joy and self-sacrifice. Our staff at the North Bay church of Christ work diligently to admonish and equip the saints for service in the Kingdom.

Sean Fitzgerald

Senior Minister
Sean Fitzgerald serves as our senior minister teaching and leading us in our journey of discipleship.  He and his wife Melissa joined us in 2019, bringing with them 20 years of experience in ministry and deep passion for serving the church and its community.  

Melissa Fitzgerald

Office Adminstrator
Melissa is the wife of our Senior Minister, Sean. Together they have 3 children and long history of ministry and service to the Lord.  Melissa handles all the day to day operations of the church as well as serving as an integral part of many of the ministries and activities of our North Bay Family.

Sunshine Kids Mother's Day Out

Our Mother's Day Out program is one of greatest joys at the North Bay church of Christ and we are so thankful to the ones that serve on our staff, making it a wonderful ministry young families in our commuinity.

Judi Charlton

At the Lord's leading Judi accepted the role of Sunshine Kids Director in 2021 when we launched this ministry. She brings with here a wealth of knowledge from her many years in education as a teacher and principle in the G-PISD.

Audrey Fitzgerald

Music and Motion Teacher and Program Director
Audrey is a young and energetic college student majoring in education. We are blessed to have AUdrey helping us with Chapel, Music and Motion, and all of our special programs. 

Jeanne King

Teacher - 18 months & 2 Year Old
Jeanne loves her babies! When a child is added to her classroom that are automatically added to heart as an honorary grandchild. She has a deep love for children and it is seen in the way she cares for and teaches each and every child in her care.

Priscilla Carrion 

Teacher - 18 months & 2 Year Old
Priscilla loves being a mom and it shows in her classroom at Sunshine Kids.  Everyday in her room is just another day to mom to a few more kids, loving them, affirming them, and teaching them as they grow and develop.

Kassie Martinez

Teacher - 18 months & 2 Year Old
Kassie loves children and loves the Lord.  Her heart for service and her desire to make children feel loved is seem in her work as a helper in our younger classes. 

Debbie Glasson

Teacher 3 & 4 Year Old
Debbie has been teaching 3 and 4 year olds for a long time. Her years of experience and her love for this age is such a tremendous blessing to the Sunshine Kids family and her children are blessed to be in her classroom.