With all we are we desire to

Love God,

expressing this love as we

Serve People,

in order that we might

Be a Blessing

to our community for God's glory.

Our ultimate goal is to be in passionate pursuit of our loving God. It is through our devotion to God that we find purpose, fulfillment, and the strength to navigate life's challenges. By prioritizing our love for God above all else, we cultivate a deeper relationship with Him and align our lives with His will. 
Love God
Serve People
We are committed to embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ by serving others with love and compassion. We believe that serving people is not only a reflection of our faith, but also an essential part of fulfilling our purpose as Christians. Through acts of service, we strive to make a positive impact in our community and demonstrate the transformative power of Christ's love.
In the end our desire is that we are a blessing to everyone we encounter.  We seek to be a people that are so committed to living for God that as we encounter others they feel as if they have encounter God himself through us.  
Be a Blessing

Come & Join Us

Sunday Worship: 9:30am
Sunday Bible Class: 10:45am
Wednesday Gatherings: 6:30pm